Derrick James Engebretson

Friday, March 03, 2006

Search Turns Up Possible Clues

Search Turns Up Possible Clues
Posted: 12/13/02 8:23 am
Search turns up possible clues

December 16, 1998

Wire and staff reports

ROCKY POINT -- Searchers found a school bookmark and candy wrapper they hope will lead to 8-year-old Derrick Engebretson, who vanished while on a Christmas tree-hunting trip Dec. 5.

The bookmark was from Bonanza School, which the boy attended. Blood of an unknown origin also was found.

The official search ended over the weekend, but about 100 family members, friends and other volunteers are continuing to look.

The clues were found late Sunday within a couple of miles of where the boy was seen last.

"One way or the other, and the people working up here feel this way, we want to take him home," said the boy's grandfather, Ben Davis. Family members say they will see if fingerprints on the bookmark match Derrick's.

Klamath County Sheriff Carl Burkhart said late Tuesday morning there were no plans to resume an official search for the boy.


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